Win Real Money with Freeroll Tournaments !

Do you want to play for free and earn real money ? Play freerolls!
Everyone is fond of Free Tournaments : buy-in for free and play for a chance to win cash.
Whether your a beginner or seasoned pro, our tempting freerolls give you a chance to add money to your bankroll at no risk !

Pokamaax Freeroll Tips

1. Participate in all Freerolls and play well

As we hinted above, freerolls are about chance and luck as much as they are about skill. If you want to be successful, try to play as many as possible. Take the game seriously and concentrate. Play carefully and, at least in the beginning, try not to bluff. Many players in the beginning of the tournament will call and raise bets with any two cards because they have nothing to lose. If you stay composed and carefully choose which cards to play, then you’ll have a significant edge against these careless opponents.

2. Failure does not mean anything

Typically, a great number of players participate in freerolls. Whether you play well or poorly, there is always a great chance one of the numerous opponents will get lucky and bust you. If you bust, don’t be dissuaded from trying again. In the long run the higher skilled players make money while the careless players lose.

3. Be careful in the beginning

In the beginning of each free tournament, you must be careful and only play the strongest hands. Many players will play any hand and try to get lucky right away. This means many players will drop out in the first ten minutes giving you a higher chance to end up with a reward.

4. Punish players who are not sitting at the table

Punish absent players, i.e. “sit outs” by raising before flop, when they are in the blinds, if they aren’t there, then they will automatically fold to your raise. However, be careful and don’t forget that there are other players at the table trying to attack sit outs too. Take advantage of later positions and raise from the cut-off or button.

5. Remain careful during the later phase of the freeroll

In the first minutes, you will experience a massive decrease of players in each freeroll and you’ll probably shake your head at what hands some players choose to play. Do not think that you will play the whole tournament with such players. To the contrary, the number of bad players will decrease and the remainder will not drop out so quickly, so start to take into account the game of your rivals and do not underestimate them. Freerolls are not often won by bad players, but by those with some poker experience. In the later phases, play more tactically, you can also bluff, because later in freeroll other players will be able to fold.