Enter our Special Challenges
to Obtain Awesome Prizes !


What are Pokamaax Challenges ?

Special Missions are challenges that Pokamaax offers their players in order for them to win prizes !

You can be rewarded for getting a special hand, playing a certain amount of hands, being the best player in a tournament, busting out a certain number of opponents from a tournament or accumulating a certain amount of Points in a limited time …

Visit our App every Day to enter New Challenges and get Special Prizes !


What can I earn completing these Challenges ?

Pokamaax’s Rewards can take the shape of CashOnline Tournaments Tickets, Crown Upgrades and even Pokamaax Goodies !

The more challenging the Mission, the higher your reward will be ! Monthly Missions will grant greater prizes than the Daily and Weekly ones.

Do you have what it takes ?


Where can I find Pokamaax Challenges and Participate ?

You’ll find the description of Pokamaax’s Missions in the “Active Contests” Tab.

1) Login to Pokamaax Software
2) Click on the “Cashier” Button
3) Click on “Active Contests” to see the list of all Pokamaax Missions !

Every player is automatically registered to all of our missions ! Just complete the challenges to claim your rewards !