What is Pineapple OFC?

Pineapple OFC is a variation of open-face Chinese poker with Fantasyland.

Like in regular OFC, the players get dealt 5 cards in a certain order, and start by placing them face-up. They continue getting dealt cards until they make a 13-card hand, comprising of a “top,” “middle,” and “bottom” row of three, five, and five cards, respectively. You can find rules in Support menu.
The first five cards dealt are placed like in regular OFC, but the difference about Pineapple OFC is then players get dealt three cards instead of one. Each player picks and places two of the three cards in any of their open rows and then discards the third one face down. The process is repeated until players have finished their 13-card hands. It is important to remember the discarded cards because they can give you an advantage over your opponents.

Fantasy Land

You need  or better on top to qualify for Fantasyland, and since players see 50% more cards in Pineapple OFC than in regular OFC, players make it to Fantasyland way more often!
Since hands are much stronger in Pineapple OFC than in regular OFC, players who make it to Fantasyland are dealt 14 cards and get to pick 13 of them, discarding one.


That’s everything in a nutshell. Pineapple OFC is a more fast-paced and exciting version of OFC that allows players to make hands twice as strong in half the time. Fantasyland is not just attainable, but quite common!

See you in Fantasyland!