Pokamaax offers a wide choice of tournaments, both during week days and weekends.
Discover a few of these below, and see you in our lobby for much more !

New tournament :


Get on the ground! Don’t even think about calling the police, this is a hold up !
Our premium progressive Bounty tourney is up and running and you don’t want to miss out.
Hold out that $6 and buy-in. This is your chance to break the bank…

Weekend Dragon

Welcome to the Weekend Dragons, where players can recline their seat back and relax. These two comfortably paced tourneys are our premier tourneys designed to give the user a perfectly balanced experience between comfort and speed. It is currently our premier set of tournaments running at 5PM (GMT +7) on weekends with a budgeted $30 entry fee. We run daily freerolls and satellites into the tournament so expect a large field.

Midnight Turbo

No time to lose ? Finish your poker day the right way with our exciting Midnight Turbo Tournament ! A $2 buy-in will get you into some fast paced action at the strike of midnight. This tournament comes with with Rebuys and Add-ons to boost that Prize Pool !

Daily Dollar Series

Try your luck in our Daily Dollar Tournaments. For a mere $1 buy-in, get your hands on a an untouched prizepool, no fees associated ! Got unlucky ? No worries ! Unlimited rebuys and double rebuys will get you back on track !

Daily X-PLOsion Series

Want to feel the thrills and excitment of Pot Limit Omaha in a Tournament format ? Then, our X-PLOsion series is for you ! Be sure to keep $5 on the side to buy-in to our daily Omaha rendez-vous at 8:00PM (GMT+7) for the Daily X-PLOsion.

Regulars tourney schedule*

Monday12 AM3 PM8 PM10 PM
Tuesday12 AM3 PM8 PM10 PM
Wednesday12 AM3 PM8 PM10 PM
Thursday12 AM3 PM8 PM10 PM
Friday12 AM3 PM8 PM10 PM
Saturday12 AM3 PM8 PM10 PM2 PM & 5 PM
Sunday12 AM3 PM8 PM10 PM2 PM & 5 PM