Download our Poker Software Now !

Step 1: Download Pokamaax

Step 2: Run the Installer


1) Click on the .exe that you have. You may receive some security warnings from Windows and / or your Antivir (see images below).
2) Click Run. 
3) In case a second windows open, simply click “Yes”. 


In case the Download fails due to a Firewall or an Antivirus, please disable them and try again (Ex: Avast may show you an error message).
If you need help to do so, please read our 
Troubleshooting Information Page
Rest assured that our software does not contain any viruses, malware or spyware. It is tested weekly to ensure no harm will be done to your computer : 
check virus report here.




Step 3: Install PokamAAx Client


1) Choose your language from the drop down menu and click “Install”.
2) The setup will proceed to an automatic update to the latest version.
3) Once installed, an icon will appear on your desktop. Simply double-click this icon and you are good to login !



Step 4: Login


If you have already created an account with us, login by entering your username and password.

You can choose remember password and auto login option, which will save the credentials on your system so that you do not have to login again.
If you need to create an account click “Create Account”. You will be directed to the registration page online from where you can create your poker account with us.
The poker client will check your credentials and will log you into Pokamaax Software.


For Any Trouble Downloading and Installing our Software, please consult our Troubleshooting Information Page or Contact Us