Get Cash Back with Pokamaax Crowns Rewards


When you start playing on Pokamaax, you receive Crown Points that you can save and trade for cash.

It’s simple : 1$ of rake generated = 1 point earned !

The more you play, and the higher your stakes are, the faster you will accumulate points:

*By reaching Elite Level, you gain additional bonuses such as Live Tournament Tickets and Commission Free Bank Withdrawals.

How much are my Points Worth ?


 How long is my Crown Level Valid ?

Your Crown Level will reset at the beginning of each month. However, you do not lose the points already accumulated.

 How do I get my Cash Rewards ?

It’s easy ! You just have to exchange the points you have earned by clicking the Cashier button on the Software ! You will receive Cash directly on your Player’s Account ! 


 When do I get my Cash Rewards ?

You can exchange your points instantly at any time of the month to obtain your Cashback !

However, we advise you to wait to hit the highest cash rewards as the Points/Cash ratio is more profitable !