How To Create a Pokamaax Account


Step 1 : Create an Account 

To create your account from our software, simply click the “Create Account” link located at the bottom. You will be redirected to a website. 



Step 2 : Fill the Information  

Fill the create account form by choosing a Username and a Password and by entering your Phone Number and email address. You can fill in additionnal information later on.

Please fill in the Secret Question and Answer to ensure maximum security.

Memorize the password and username that you have entered in the create account form. They will be required whenever you wish to login.

Do not forget to use your Promotional Code if you have one. Please contact our team at if you forget to do so.

Do not forget to accept our terms and conditions before clicking on “Register“.


Step 3 : Confirm your Email 

Upon finishing your registration, you will see a confirmation message on our website asking you to confirm your email. It is mandatory to activate your poker account. 

Please visit your Email account and click on the link in our email.

If you do not see any email from Pokamaax, please check your Spam Folder or contact us at 


You are now ready to Play Poker !

Good Luck!